There IS film in Lansing! And some of it is directed by women!

I had the rare opportunity to view the line up of films from the Directing Workshop for
Women (DWW) Showcase for this year’s Capital City Film Festival over the last few weeks and saying that I was impressed is an understatement.

According to the Celluloid Ceiling 2007 Report, women accounted for only 6% of directors of the top 250 domestic grossing films released in 2007, a decline of 1% since 2006. This figure is approximately half the percentage of women directors working in 2000 when women accounted for 11% of all directors. While these statistics are dated by a few years, it is apparent that the role of women as directors is on the decline. Women in roles of leadership in general are scarce; just look to the role of women in U.S. Congress for example, where they hold approximately 17% of the elected seats, according to the Center for Women in Politics, yet make up about 51% of the United States population as of the 2010 U.S. Census. It is obvious that women are underrepresented, but what can be done about it? In my opinion the first step is to support the women who do take on leadership roles. Continue reading


Fall Fashion – A Plea Against Leggings

Let’s just get it out before we start – I am at war with the world of leggings. That spandex pant that used to be just for lounging and workouts has made it’s way onto the Lansing stage with a vengeance, wrapping itself around college kids and grown women alike. Leggings are everywhere and I’m here to say that you, gentle reader, are better than them. Leggings are boring; you are not. Let’s have some fun with style this fall and stray from the expected into the fabulous.

Here are some ideas from the world beyond skintight cotton-poly blend:

Images from: Modcloth (2, 7); Anthropologie (1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11); – Janellehaskin (4)

The Skinny Cord (1) – pair with ballet flats, a hip length open sweater, tight tee, and a voluminous scarf to play with the balance of the slim pant
Tailored Cargo Pant (10) – military chic is the “it” look now, combine this pant with a lacy ivory blouse and brown heels for a strong, yet feminine look
Boot cut Jean (8) – skinny may be all the rage, but those of us with Michigan winters to look forward to understand the value of a jean that can fit some long johns or thigh high socks under it
Knee-Length A-Line (7) – a fall classic in candy apple red, with thick tights, a pair of boots and an army jacket, you’re ready brave whatever wind and rain may come
A Fantastic Dress (9) – now that cooler weather is here we can break out the thicker fabrics and darker prints, try a wool plaid with t-strap heels for a night out

There are so many options out there that leggings should be relegated to the gym, cleaning the kitchen, and sick days. Find something that sets you apart this fall and, like the leaves when stripped of their chlorophyll, when you’re free of your leggings your true color will shine!