Revitalizing mid-Michigan’s River Trail (Pepsi Refresh Project)

It is refreshing to see that Americans are becoming much more environmentally conscious. Our policies and lifestyle choices are starting to show much needed concern for our environmental future. For example, the 2011 North American Auto Show is showcasing a 40+mpg car by almost every car manufacturing company. More people are walking and riding bikes in the United States and in the last decade alone we have seen a 25 percent increase in bike trips (MLive, 2010). Here in the Greater Lansing area we have a growing number of LEED certified buildings like the MSUFCU headquarters, the Granger Construction Company and The Christman Company.  Furthermore initiatives like the Clean Commute and Zip Cars at Michigan State University are yet another step in the right direction.

It is our responsibility to make dedicated efforts to ensure that the next generations continue our ventures and maintain our concern for the environment. Experts studying early childhood development state that

“The quality of environmental education for young children determines how young children see themselves in relation to the natural world. This knowledge is the key both to their understanding of self and to a foundational orientation towards respecting and caring for the environment. (Phenice, 2003)”

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Riding the River Trail

River TrailWhile Lansing is itself a small city compared to New York, Chicago, L.A. and Detroit, it still is a city.  And like all cities, there are buildings, concrete, and people everywhere you turn.  It can get a bit overwhelming at times, causing you to head for greener pastures.  Lucky for us, Lansing isn’t like New York or Detroit where you can only head to one major park in each city (Central Park or Bell Isle).  There is no shortage of green space for Lansing area residents to escape to.  And yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition, which is my prerogative.

The true beauty of Lansing may actually lay in its people, but a large part of its beauty is the park system.  The city of Lansing has over 100 official public parks of various size and style.  Some are simply the land surrounding historic buildings. Some are small with just a simple swing set.  Others spread out over several acres of forested land.

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