Opinion Piece: Hey Lansing, are you pissed off yet?!

I know I sure am. Being that we live right in the midst of all the state-wide action, politically that is, I am sure you have all had the chance to witness, or at least hear about, one of the many rallies that have been taking place on the steps of our capitol. You may be asking yourself, “Why is there suddenly so much commotion around our capitol city?”. Well, I am going to take the opportunity to break it down for you all in the hopes that if you are not yet pissed off about the direction our state is taking, you will be by the end of this post. Continue reading


Election Day in Lansing!

Today is November 1st.

What does this mean, other than the fact that fall is flying by and we are getting closer each day to the dreaded cold weather and early morning frost that begs to be scraped from the car windows at 8 a.m.? It means that tomorrow- Tuesday, November 2nd– is election day, of course!

Now I realize that I am of the rare breed of people that count down to election day the way most do for their holiday of choice; but I think that looking forward to election day- even the less glamourous mid-term election- should not be a rarity.
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Pure Lansing

Yesterday afternoon I had the displeasure of coming across this gem of a video on YouTube:

I know many of you have seen it, being that it spread through the #lovelansing community on twitter like a wildfire. And I definitely  know I am not alone in feeling disgusted that the GOP would use the city I love, the community I have built my home within, to sling the proverbial mud at the democratic candidate for Governor, our  city’s Mayor, Virg Bernero. Continue reading