Loving, Living and Leaving Lansing: Week 2


What’s better than living and loving in Lansing?!?!


But visiting Lansing to see why we all love it so much comes close.

I tell everyone to come visit me in Lansing. Friends from all over the country. Just to see if one day, somehow, they will decide to make the trek to the mid-mitten, assuming I was worth it–even if the only thing they knew about Lansing was that it is the capital of Michigan.

I was about to leave Lansing without ever having the chance to share the benefits of living in a small city to some of my big city friends. And then it happened.

As I come to week 2 of my reflections, I’d like to tell you how sharing my love for Lansing was one of my favorite moments…..

My fellow social workers, my favorite couple and my dearest friends, Seva G. and Pita Pocket arrived in REO Town at the stroke of midnight from the windy city of Chicago. Now you may think, that’s not that far–but hey, I was thrilled.

I wanted to show them a day in the life of Anika in Lansing. Or rather, a weekend in the life of Anika in Lansing. I wasn’t worried about entertaining them, something is always happening in Lansing and I was sure fun times were upon us. Because I am fun. And Lansing is great.

SaturDAY: My friends may not consider themselves regular yoga practitioners, but I knew Just B Yoga would be a welcoming and safe place for them to explore their practice. And just as I had imagined, Belinda facilitated an environment that was warm and compassionate. Allowing them to be in their space amidst the beautiful community we have here in Lansing.  Continue reading