You Made What from Flaxseed?

Awhile back, I attended Michigan State University where I had a friend with whom I shared many classes. It took a few years post-college for Facebook to reunite us, and some time after that to physically run into each other, but we did just that at a Grand River Connection networking event. Grand River Connection is actually a really great way to get involved in Lansing and meet other young professionals, however, this time, I had an alterior motive. Held in Old Town at the beautiful old building that is home to MessageMakers, Terry Terry did a beautiful job reinvesting in this historical Lansing location over many years, and until this point, I had never been inside. Deciding to feed my inner architecture loving graphic designer geek, I ran into Adriane, who was feeding her inner architecture real estate loving geek.

MessageMakers - Old Town

I learned that Adriane and her husband were near neighbors on Lansing’s Westside, adding to the list of amazing and talented people I know all making homes near mine. Later that summer, she started a book club and filled it with a random group of clever and fun women who brought their clever and fun friends, resulting in a wine club with a book problem. Continue reading