Zip around Lansing

Photo: A biker in Lansing

One of my most memorable times in Lansing was the year when I lived car-free. It all started a few years ago, I was visiting some friends in Detroit and my car was stolen.  At the time, I was biking more than I drove anyways, so it was a contrived transition to see what it was like to not have a car.

I realized that Lansing is a really great place to live such a lifestyle. The city is relatively flat. Grocery stores, the Michigan State University campus, banks, coffee shops, shopping malls, and music venues are all within a six mile radius, which makes it very easy to bike places. Like most years in Pure Michigan, I remember winter months being brutal, but there were only a handful of times when the snow kept me from heading out on my bicycle.

Photo: My bike a few winters ago.

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