The Car Insurance Experiment


Photo by Eat Pomegranate Photography


Car Free for a Month

Deciding to go carless usually is not a very common thing to do in Michigan. That whole unpredictable weather situation was also something to consider. Still, I decided to live car-free for four whole weeks, which then turned into nine weeks of adventure and realization.

As it was, I had a trip scheduled for a few weeks during Christmas break, so the decision to halt my car insurance was a little easier to make. I learned that my insurance company would put a hold on my car insurance for a period of time, and then restore it when I decided to reinstate it. All it took was a simple, “Hi Janet, could you take the insurance off my car starting in December?” She happily responded with, “Sure thing, but we will keep the ‘storage’ coverage active (i.e. if a tree falls on it, or that tornado rips through town). Call us when you want it back on.” Simple. But then, the realization that now it was illegal to drive my car hit me.

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