All we need is self-love.

It has officially been one week since my return to Lansing from a much needed week of vacation in Santa Barbara, California. After a week of catching up in the office, jumping into a social calendar filled with holiday parties, celebrating friends’ birthdays and trying to get back into a routine, I am able to say that I am still feeling the inner peace, happiness and sense of calm that a week ocean-side brought me. Now, before you start thinking “who does this woman think she is, coming back from fun in the sun to brag about her happiness?!”, hear me out.

I want to talk about self-care and the importance of finding time for the practice in our daily routine, not just on vacation. Continue reading


‘Tis the season… to buy local! My top 3 reasons to shop Lansing and great holiday gift ideas!

As we all prepare for the holidays and “Black Friday” just around the corner, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the greatest power we all possess as individuals, and society as a whole- consumer purchasing power!

Purchasing power is huge.

Buying items, for oneself, or for others as we spread the joy of the holidays and search out that perfect gift to bring a smile to a loved one’s face, is more than just dropping a few bucks here or there. It is an investment and a show of support for the type of economy we want to thrive. Where we decide to spend our money is one of the most significant ways we can build up an economy and create the type of society we want to live in. Continue reading


Won’t you be my neighbor?

Lansingites. It’s been awhile, no? This Lansing lover has been mad busy this Fall. As we all know from previous posts, I am what some friends refer to as a “nomadic twenty-something”, always looking for my next place in life; and this Fall it has taken me from downtown Lansing to the east side. That’s right, after fourteen months of calling downtown “home”, I decided to make another move. This time, to a beautiful house on the east side with two housemates.

Moving to a new location has led to many revelations for me, but the biggest being the realization that neighborhoods can offer a sense of community that can make the greater Lansing community not only a safer place for us all, but a happier place as well.

Let me go back a bit and refer to a NPR story I heard a few months ago on the Averill Woods Neighborhood Association. This Association was featured on the “What’s Working” segment of the NPR radio show, in which “Michigan Radio has been spotlighting people and organizations that are trying to improve life in Michigan.” Continue reading


SlutWalk. Love it or Hate it, it’s coming to Lansing.

I have been torn on the idea of writing a post on the SlutWalk movement for months, but decided that since the movement is coming to the Lansing area (tomorrow, in fact!) I would share some information on it. The idea behind the SlutWalk is one that I whole heartedly support, to end victim-blaming in instances of sexual assault. However, there are definitely elements within this movement that leave me questioning the inclusiveness, which I plan to explore, but first want to give some background on the movement itself.

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Birthday Bash Recap!

It has been over a week since the big LC Birthday Bash and I am still riding the high from that evening! While the weather was a bit muggy and there was a hint of a storm in the air, The Waterfront Bar and Grill had space for us under a wonderful tent so that we could still enjoy the patio while staying dry in case of rain. Not to mention, we got to have front row seats for the amazing light show that was a lightning storm over the city as a back drop!

The event turnout was great and there were stellar beats being dropped by DJ Rachael and Jake Pechtel, plus absolutely delicious celebratory treats provided by Bake ‘n Cakes and The Purple Carrot Truck and great shots being taken by the one and only Khalid Ibrahim!

We at the LC are so thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate, our amazing sponsors for donating entertainment and treats, and all of our readers/support base for helping us do what we do and shed light on the city that we love! We have had one fantastic year! Keep on reading and we can guarantee bigger and better things to come!

Enjoy some pictures from the event and keep it real, Lansing! Continue reading