Cat Like Reflexes

I never dreamed that I would be a morning person. Juggling an obnoxious schedule forced me to broaden my day to fit in everything that I had to do, resulting in early morning start times. I choose to walk my dog Henslee in the wee hours of the morning (some would consider it to still be nighttime) because it feels like the only consistent part of the day and is critical to both of our well beings.

Sir Henslee

It became my favorite time and ritual of the day. My arch-nemesis is still my alarm clock but I find that my most honest, creative and interesting thoughts happen when I am well rested with the freedom to day dream. As the day goes on, I develop narcoleptic tendencies making problem solving more difficult and easier to procrastinate. Without traffic and congestion, Henslee can sniff and play in the park without bothering anybody and and the city feels very simple, calm and completely mine. Continue reading


You Made What from Flaxseed?

Awhile back, I attended Michigan State University where I had a friend with whom I shared many classes. It took a few years post-college for Facebook to reunite us, and some time after that to physically run into each other, but we did just that at a Grand River Connection networking event. Grand River Connection is actually a really great way to get involved in Lansing and meet other young professionals, however, this time, I had an alterior motive. Held in Old Town at the beautiful old building that is home to MessageMakers, Terry Terry did a beautiful job reinvesting in this historical Lansing location over many years, and until this point, I had never been inside. Deciding to feed my inner architecture loving graphic designer geek, I ran into Adriane, who was feeding her inner architecture real estate loving geek.

MessageMakers - Old Town

I learned that Adriane and her husband were near neighbors on Lansing’s Westside, adding to the list of amazing and talented people I know all making homes near mine. Later that summer, she started a book club and filled it with a random group of clever and fun women who brought their clever and fun friends, resulting in a wine club with a book problem. Continue reading