Rachael Zlomak Parker: Keeping Lansing’s Toes Tapping

If you’re ever out dancing the night away at Tavern on the Square – one of the premier night spots in downtown Lansing – and you feel like you’re being watched, don’t worry. You’re not being paranoid.

You really are being watched.

At first, you might not even notice Rachael Zlomak Parker taking her typical wallflower role in the corner of the room. But if you find yourself amazed that your favorite song is on the radio once again on a another Saturday night out on the town, or if you find yourself smiling and tapping your toes to the beats being seamlessly integrated into your evening, then she’s already had a profound impact on your evening even though you never even noticed her. Continue reading


City Council Candidate: John Krohn

“The experience that people have in the world is created by themselves. It doesn’t matter where they are, they can make it an awesome experience if they want to. It’s really all about you.”

This kernel of truth comes from the mind and experiences of John Krohn. And if anyone has the perspective to speak intelligently on the subject, it’s John.

Born in Las Vegas but raised in Stockbridge, a small town roughly halfway between Lansing and Ann Arbor as the crow flies, it didn’t take long for John to strike out on his own. After graduating high school, he spent a year in college at the University of Hawaii. He’s lived and worked in California, and toured with bands all over the country and across Europe.

But in the end, he chooses to call Lansing his home.

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City Council Candidate: Rory Neuner

Knocking on doors and canvassing all four wards in Lansing on top of a full-time job isn’t easy. It requires a lot of mental and physical toughness, and a hell of a lot of energy. But if there are any adjectives that best describe Rory Neuner, those three might just be the ones that do. How else would you describe a woman who grew up playing hockey in boys’ leagues and played on the college varsity squad all four years?

Not to mention someone who enjoys four-hour bike rides.

Born and raised in Haslett, Rory loves the state and region she is from. However, it didn’t quite have everything she needed to stick around for college, i.e., a school with a women’s hockey team. So she packed her bags and headed for Connecticut, where she played hockey for Yale University and discovered her love for community development.

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At-Large for City Council: Tom Stewart

Raised on a steady diet of strategy games like Risk and Stratego, Tom Stewart has his father to thank for his meticulously logical and thorough network of neural connections. Rather than learning the licorice ropes of Candy Land or the surprisingly uninformative business transactions of Monopoly, the future Lansing entrepreneur was forming the groundwork for life.

Whether dealing with the challenge of a new consulting gig as the CEO of a company he founded, building a new small business incubator from the ground up or running for an at-large seat in Lansing’s City Council, the framework for meeting the challenge stems from the time spent on the floor with his father.

“I relate business to board games,” explains Tom. “The ideals and strategy needed to succeed always stay the same, but the rules change. Once you understand the rules, though, and know how the strategy works, you can be successful at anything.” Continue reading


Get Your Feet Dirty!

On Saturday, June 11, nearly 200 people descended on Valley Court Park in East Lansing behind the best beer bar in town, Crunchy’s. Their goal – to find some 40-odd orange flags placed throughout Lansing and East Lansing and return in the shortest amount of time possible. Their weapons – mountain bikes, hardy shoes, a thirst for adventure and a list of survival gear capable of keeping someone alive on Mt. Everest.

(Okay, so the first aid gear wasn’t quite that ridiculous.)

The event I’m speaking of was the 2nd annual running of Dirty Feat, Lansing’s own adventure race. Armed with a map marked with checkpoints and a list of clues, teams of two set out to locate each point and stamp a piece of paper at each to prove they were there. Continue reading