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Venge of Lansing

Remember that time you were wakened from a deep slumber with a fear in your heart so deep you could swear you were about to meet your imminent doom? I know you do, because it’s happened to all of us. Is there someone watching me? Is someone out there? Am I being followed? You might be. But it might not be in the way we tend to think. As you see, or prepare to see The Avengers (you’re not fooling me, I you know you’re going to see it), turn your thoughts to those in the world that creep about… but in pursuit of good. People like Lansing’s own superhero: Venge. Continue reading


Educate. TEDxLansing And CCFF April 13, 2012

Educators. We regulate the stealing of ignorance. We damn good, too. But you can’t be any geek off the street*. Gotta be handy with the learnin’. You know what I mean? Earn your keep…

You know you’ve felt it. That moment when something in your brain just clicks. You get goosebumps, you’re flooded with adrenalin, and you just can’t keep the smile off your face. If you haven’t felt that? Go learn something. Right now. YouTube will do. Anything. What are you interested in? What don’t you know? Because you know there’s something you don’t know. Go learn it, then come back here and tell me how it felt. If you said, “Dude, it was lame and I didn’t feel anything,” I’ll know you’re lying. Or that you searched for something you’re not passionate about. Because, really, that’s what learning is about. Passion. And, as you’ll read in the article that follows, Kleenex.

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Cool City, Cool Business: A Chat with Annabelle’s Pet Station

I asked “What’s your favorite community-engaged business?” and Angela Brown of @coolcitydogs answered. The ensuing conversation made me laugh and, more importantly, educated me about Annabelle’s Pet Station, a Lansing gem I knew little about.

My dogs show more love every day than most people muster in a lifetime.  I was moved by the passion exhibited by these pet lovers, who make their mission to create a better life in Lansing for pets and owners alike. Don’t have a pet? Get one. Then read this.

1. Who are you? No, really who are you? Business-wise, personally… how do you see yourself in relation to the #lovelansing movement?

Business-wise and personally, we are, at our core, dog-lovers. Ann Andrews and I are both lawyers, with full time jobs outside of AnnaBelle’s, who started this business three years ago because we saw something missing in Downtown Lansing – dogs.

As busy lawyers who worked in downtown Lansing, we both wanted a place downtown to take our own dogs and, at the same time, we just wanted to see more people with dogs in the Downtown area.  To us, that is a sign of vibrancy and life that every city needs.  And, that is how the plan for AnnaBelle’s began to take shape in early 2007.

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New Enterprise is Everyone’s Opportunity

Last week, I attended the grand opening of the Center for New Enterprise Opportunity (NEO), located in Lansing’s historic north side. Walking in the door, I had no idea what to expect. I’m creative, but entrepreneurship has never been my strongest suit. Would it be an office building with a slide, or would it be something more? I quickly discovered the answer was “something way, way more.”

I’ve heard people “poo poo” the project. These criticisms were mostly in the Lansing State Journal news comments, where niceties and reason go to die. This project brings excitement and revitalization to a neighborhood that needs just that. This amazing group of community-minded individuals turned an abandoned bakery into a hub of creative and intellectual activity. Points of interest include; the home base one of Lansing’s photographic gems, a building company that seems as focused on revitalization and pushing the city forward in a sustainable manner as it does about the bottom line, and bright open spaces for co-working and creative outlet as well as networking and support services for tenants past and present.

The founding members who were willing to take a huge chance to bring this project to fruition, I thank you. May your risk be a rich reward to the city of Lansing and those who love it.


Not to tease…

… but we’ve got a BIG FUN interview in the works!!

Who are you interviewing, Lansing Collective?

Here’s a hint: Yep. We’ll be talking to a very special someone, whose name starts with B, with a big spirit and a penchant for community action, mind-body fitness and philanthropy. Stay tuned next week! Can’t wait until next week? Join me for some Thanksgiving Day yoga and get to know the force behind Just B well before the article is published.

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