About Lansing Collective

Lansing Collective is a group of young professionals in the Greater Lansing area. We all come from very different backgrounds, and while some of us have known each other for several years, others are new friends. We all share a love for this city and this collaborative blog will be a way for us to share and record our time in Lansing.

Contributing Staff:

Lisa Benck is the Communications & Training Associate for CEDAM and a freelance graphic designer. She enjoys creating anything pretty, functional or edible, wearing chacos, and will one day own an airstream. lisa@lansingcollective.com

Pam Brushaber is a civil engineer, and a Masters student at Michigan State, interning for MDOT. She enjoys all modes of transportation, and would like to travel by space ship, if anyone knows of one available. She loves being outside, playing dress-up, and learning. During October, she spends her spare time laughing at the fatty squirrels that have gorged themselves on pumpkins. pam@lansingcollective.com

John Buckler most recently worked in the East Lansing Public Schools, and is enrolling in a Master’s program to become an Elementary School Counselor. He is a co-founder of The Great American Fierce Beard Organization, loves to play with Lego, and eats more peanut butter than you or anyone you know. buckler@lansingcollective.com

Khalid Ibrahim is an Epidemiologist at Michigan State University. He is the Arts Editor at Lansing Collective. His passions include photography, biking, and root beer.

Jess Knott is an instructional designer for TechSmith and a PhD candidate in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education at Michigan State University. Passions include video games, roller derby, loving Lansing, and believing in magic. She proudly resides on the east side of Lansing with her husband and three terrible guard dogs.

Shannon Nobles works in the movement to end domestic and sexual violence. She is an outspoken advocate for social justice, an excellent vegetarian cook, and lives with her pet rabbit.

Ian Walker is technology specialist and recording engineer here in Lansing. He serves as Webmaster and Co-Editor of Lansing Collective. He loves craft beer, comic books, his family, and his beard. Hi Mom!