Wandering Waffles

Burrito WaffleAllow me to be a little nostalgic for a minute. I could smell hazelnut and chocolate in the air as I was walking down the streets of Florence, Italy. It was like one of those old Tom and Jerry cartoons, when Jerry’s nose would follow the smell of cheese. Similarly, I would follow my nose to street vendors as they would poured molten Nutella on a thick waffles. I feel like that is all I ate in Florence.

SamOK, back to real life; I walk into the City Market and as soon as I enter, nostalgia rolls over me because there is a new waffle place in Lansing! Yes, believe it! Meet Sam, the owner of Wandering Waffles.

Sam in an incredibly passionate foodie. When I first met her we had a long conversation about the sequence of events that brought her to Lansing. She told me that she always comes up with these crazy ideas and Wandering Waffles is an example of a crazy idea that became a reality. She makes as many of her ingredients in-house and the rest of the waffle ingredients s are locally sourced. When I showed up to take these photos, she had cheese curds draining on the counter as she was making fresh waffles on the other side of her kitchen.

In addition to waffles with Nutella, Sam also makes savory waffles. Her menu boasts variety from a Burrito waffle that has queso, black beans, and pico de gallo to a Candy Bar waffle with┬ácaramel, walnuts, and fair trade chocolate. I could literally go there every day and not get bored with the food options. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that I don’t work closer to the City Market.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

I love finding new places like this in Lansing. Even though the Lansing food scene makes the grade, sometimes, it is nice to get off the beaten path. Wandering Waffles is my first exit off the beaten path. I hope you like these waffles as much as I do.