Home Sweet Friendship

We’ve all had that moment. You know what we’re talking about…that moment where you suddenly come to the realization that Lansing is your “home sweet home.” We here at the Lansing Collective want to know what makes our capitol city your “home sweet home” and when you realized it- so we are embarking upon a series where Lansingites share their aha moment with us! Submit your stories to and we may just publish it on the blog! Read on to learn about this week’s featured story.

I grew up in Kalamazoo. I went to Plainwell High School, had good friends, and did silly things. Until a few years ago, saying “I’m headed home” meant I was going to Kalamazoo. My transition to Lansingite was a slow one. Lansing didn’t become my home because of time spent here, or buying a house. I knew Lansing was home when I met Betsy Weber and Robin Miner-Swartz.

But, Jess! Those are people! They’re not things!


But, Jess! You’re nuts! Do you even know what home MEANS?!?

Yep. And, yep.

You see, what makes Lansing my home is the amazing people I’m surrounded by. People who don’t talk about doing things, they actually haul their kiesters up off the couch and do something. Robin and Betsy embody this idea, and they motivate others around them to do the same.


Say something to Robin on Twitter. @robinmswartz. Go ahead, try it. Anything at all. You’ll get a response. If you’re being a jerk, however, hold onto your pants, because you might hear about it. Trying to get something done? Try Robin. Looking to brainstorm ideas about how to improve the Lansing area? Again, Robin.

Ladies, if you’ve ever thought about wanting to do something, but feared the glass ceiling, Betsy’s your girl. She’s a force, not only locally but worldwide. If you say you can’t, she’s the first person to tell you you CAN, and show you how. And while she’s telling you how much you can do, she’ll organize social events at which you can do the stuff. Seriously. Knitting happy hours, tech camps, user groups, photo walks, geek field trips, Michigan Girl Geek Dinners, tweet ups, Ignite Lansing… the list honestly goes on and on and on. Lansing is NOT a boring town, and Betsy has a lot to do with that.

But, Jess? What do these two awesome sounding chicks have to do with Lansing being your home? Have you sustained a head injury?

Think about it. Robin tells you WHAT to do, while Betsy tells you you CAN do it. Couple this with some friends and the will to make a difference? You’re unstoppable.

If you’re on the fence about Lansing, I dare you go go out there and try something new. If you need ideas, talk to Robin and Betsy. Then go out and make an effort. Get up off your couch, put down the remote and go enjoy your surroundings. Go to Cravings Popcorn, or go shopping in Old Town (Grace should have its own category in my household budget). Grab some lunch at the Soup Spoon Cafe, or a beer at Michigan Brewing Company. Look at the city from a different perspective. Once you’re fed and happy, do something to give back. Pick up some trash, plan a fundraiser, plant a tree. Stop by Lansing Happy Hour or attend a TweetUp.

If you don’t like Lansing? It’s because you’ve never tried. Robin and Betsy are the ones who taught me that Lansing can be whatever I make it. So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve never  been happier. #lovelansing

**Not really.