How to Just B in Lansing

As a new resident of Lansing, I am always on the hunt for things to do and people to meet. During my constant exploration, I’ve realized this: Lansing is a very open and easy place to plug in and be involved.

In a matter of months, I’ve met several amazing people and have become involved in various efforts around the city. However, one aspect of Lansing will always stand out to me, and this is the story of how I came to find it, or how it found me.

During my first month living in Moore’s Park, I came across the community garden one day, and saw the sign for the neighborhood association. I went to the website and learned about a weekly, community-centered, FREE yoga class at a school nearby. I was sold. This yoga class was my first exposure to a future community and continues to be my present salvation. Belinda Thurston, now owner and founder of Just B Yoga, a donation-based studio focused on community-centered yoga and tai chi, had a presence that was captivating, a yoga style that was nothing like I had experienced before, and a welcoming spirit that kept me coming back.

As a frequent new resident to cities across the Lower Peninsula with a career in politics, my life is always on the move, and my need for community is rarely met. Yet I found it, in my backyard, on my mat, with others and with myself.

I practiced yoga for 7 years prior, but not until Belinda’s community yoga class did I really experience the empowerment and calm that my yoga practice now provides me. As a cyclist, I started practicing yoga to strengthen my core, but I found out soon enough that physical strength alone would not get me through 90 minutes of intentional breathing, postures of pure balance, and standing on my head. Belinda’s community-centered yoga movement has inspired me to reach into the depths of my practice both physically and mentally, taking me to a new level of physical activity, release and stillness.

Belinda started her vision of community-centered yoga with a weekly class and almost a year later has started her own studio with a following that has her turning people away due to an overflow of aspiring yogi’s filling her unique space in REO Town.

The people I’ve met and those I’ve taken to Just B Yoga are all motivated by this experience, now viewing yoga as an attainable and valuable practice for anyone willing.

The appeal is simple; we practice together, not just next to one another.

I urge you to explore this new movement that is happening in Lansing, you wont regret it.

You can find out more information from their website: