Come Meet The Great American Fierce Beard Organization

Many of the men of the Lansing Collective have beards. Khalid has a beard. I have a beard. And oh boy does Buckler have a beard.

John Buckler is one of the founders of an organization based here in Lansing called The Great American Fierce Beard Organization, or GAFBO. As people who know me and how much I love my beard may guess at this point, I am a proud GAFBO Member.

What is GAFBO? Well, we’re a beard club, but as John puts it:

[GAFBO] isn’t just for beards, but for lovers of facial hair. When I write for GAFBO, I generally use the terms facial hair and beard interchangeably. I have a beard, GAFBO has the word beard in it, but we aren’t just for beards. Which reminds me, we need to get some moustaches in our group. But not hipsters with ironic mustaches. Mustaches, yes. Hipsters, yes. Irony, yes. But hipsters with ironic mustaches…no.

But what does GAFBO do? Obviously it is having beards that ties us all together. Even simply loving facial hair is enough – just ask one of our female members. That said we try to have GAFBO be something more than just an excuse for us to celebrate our facial hair.

Like other beard clubs before us, GAFBO makes an effort to be involved in our community. At every meeting, GAFBO  collects food for a local food bank, and we brainstorm ways to get involved with other charities and community organizations.

Thus far however, we have yet to take any major steps towards a larger community outreach. This is where YOU come in.

Do you have a beard or mustache? Are you a beard lover who can’t grow facial hair for some reason (gender or unfortunate genetics)? Then come join us at our next meeting!

GAFBO's October meeting at Paul Revere's in East Lansing.

In the past, our meetings have been at the bar, but going to the pub in the middle of the week proves to be kind of difficult for some of us, and we tend not to get a lot of work done. So we’ve decided to have work meetings the second Wednesday of every month somewhere else, and have separate social events and pub nights for extra fun.

The next formal GAFBO meeting will be held this Wednesday, November 10th, at Great Lakes Chocolate and Coffee at 500 E. Michigan Ave in Lansing. The meeting starts at 6pm.

On the itinerary:

  • Participation in this years Old Town Commercial Association’s Dickens Village
  • Location of meeting on December 8
  • Location and date of first GAFBO pub night
  • Charity fundraiser
  • More information on a planned beard and moustache competition this coming April, as well as a Lansing area BMC during the summer
  • GAFBO member of the Month
  • Generally being awesome and spreading beard love.

Ian accepting his GAFBO Member of the Month award from founders John and Dave.

As always, our meeting involves the aforementioned charity collection (bring non-perishable goods). Oh, and guess who was GAFBO Member of the Month for October? I was chosen for my promotion of GAFBO on twitter and Facebook – not to mention my excellent attendance record at meetings. Just kidding. Sorta.

If you want to come join GAFBO, or just find out more, join us! Come meet and greet, have some coffee (and excellent chocolate), and help us shape the future of GAFBO.

RSVPs are welcome: GAFBObeardclub@gmail.com